The Advantages of driving electric cars | AlloWiz Cars

Although fuel prices are not as high as it was before, a few years ago , you must consider that the global financial crisis looming, low gas prices will not really last that long. This is why more and more people are looking for an alternative when it comes to saving money on fuel. This is the reason why more and more people are going green .

The Advantages of driving electric cars | AlloWiz Cars.


woman and a horse

woman and a horse

woman and a horse

1000 horse

1000 horse

here some pics of horse from a website who talk aonly about horse, finnish horse, american horses, arabic horses, all kind of horses,

I just had a war with my phone. And I won. [BRAGGING]

the long way home

paul-droid-warI’m sorry. This has nothing to do with anything I ever talk about on this blog. I just had to share. I feel like I just reached a whole new level of nerd ‘lite-dom.

A couple of days ago, I dropped my phone twice in one day. Now, I’ve dropped my phone before, and there have been no problems, save for a scratch here or there. But this time, something happened, and I couldn’t click the power button in. I spent hours Googling solutions. I ended up being able to download apps to let me put the phone to sleep, and even use my volume buttons to wake the phone. But, if my phone ever died or otherwise turned off, there was absolutely no way to turn it back on.

I checked into getting it repaired professionally, but between price and time, that wasn’t a realistic option. I slowly began…

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Collage à Rabat au Maroc

/////// Tarek

Durant le salon du livre jeunesse à Rabat, j’ai réalisé de petits collages en coup de vent ! Il y a également un collage d’un visage de Gregos que j’ai peint en bleu et qui se trouve dans la Médina de Rabat.

During the book fair of youth in Rabat, I made ​​small collages! There is also a collage of a Face of Gregos that I painted in blue and is located in the Medina of Rabat.

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